Home Access Policy

We recognize that our relationship is comprised of many forms of trust, ranging from your pup’s physical well-being, to our promptness and reliability, to access to your home.  It is vital that we know everything necessary to access your home safely, and we protect this information dearly.

Our Questionnaire enables you to give specific instructions on how to access your home in the My Profile section, including whether you will provide us with a key and how to manage your alarm system.  It is vital that your My Profile is kept up to date and contains all relevant information our Walkers will need to easily find and access your home, including where your key is, how to access your lock box (if you have one), what your security access code is, and how to navigate your neighborhood (if relevant). 

We are happy to provide you with a lockbox for your key, if that helps you in any way.  You are responsible for making sure that the lockbox is in working order and that your key is in the lock box.  If your lockbox is outside, we suggest that you place a plastic bag around it in the winter.  If you use a lock box, please change your password frequently and always update your My Profile so that our Walker can access your home.

Please be sure our Walker knows how you want us to leave your home, including where to leave your pup, which doors need to be left open or closed, where you want us to leave your keys and whether you would like us to reactivate your security system as we leave at the end of the walk.

If we are unable to enter your house through the process you have instructed us to follow, we will attempt to contact you and then your Trusted Friend(s).  If we are either unable to reach you, or you are unable to guide us to entry, we will need to charge you for the service. Please keep your mobile device near you when we are supposed to be walking your pup.

Respect is central to every aspect of what we do and is expected in all interactions between our Pet Parents and all Colby’s employees.  Any breakdown in respectful behavior, or any behavior that is either unsafe for dangerous, can lead to the end of our relationship.

Trusted Friends

We understand that you have a busy life and that there might be times when we cannot reach you.  While we will always try you first, it is vital that we have back up people we can reach when you are unavailable.  Our Questionnaire enables you to list up to three Trusted Friends, in ranked order, and we will attempt to reach them in that order.  Please be mindful about who you chose as a Trusted Friend as we will accept their instructions as if it were coming from you.

What is a Trusted Friend?

A Trusted Friend is an emergency contact that can be reached in case of emergency, if you are not immediately available.

How do I edit my Trusted Friends?

Go to My Profile in your Questionnaire and click on “Manage Trusted Friends.”

Can a Trusted Friend pick up my pet or make decisions on my behalf?

A Trusted Friend can pick up your pet from Overnight Care and, if you are unreachable in the event of an emergency, we may ask your Trusted Friend to make decisions on your behalf. 

Does my Trusted Friend have to agree to be my Trusted Friend?

Your Trusted Friend will be prompted to download and sign up for an account on Colby’s Platform; it is recommended that this be discussed prior to assigning a Trusted Friend to your profile.

What if I don’t have a Trusted Friend?

You are not required to submit a Trusted Friend, but we will have fewer options for problem solving if we cannot reach you.

Can I have multiple Trusted Friends?

We encourage you to have up to three Trusted Friends.

How do you contact my Trusted Friends?

Unless you specifically instruct us otherwise, Colby’s will always attempt to reach you first.  If you are unavailable, we will attempt to reach your Trusted Friends in the ranked order you gave us, and through the method they list as how they prefer to be contacted.

Can a Trusted Friend be charged for unpaid balances?

No, a Trusted Friend cannot be charged for an unpaid balance.