Your pup is never bored!

We genuinely love playing with your pup every day, because we see how very happy it makes them. Our staff spends quality time with your little one, allowing them to burn off extra energy, get a good sniff in, and enjoy the companionship of other curious and playful canines, as well as caring and loving humans. As a result, your pup feels less lonely, less bored, and less likely to gnaw off the legs of your couch.

We will dote on your pup

Our pups are highly social, and many have learned to be with us almost 24 hours a day. Now that many of us are returning to the office, they are left alone. Pups also need a minimum of 90 minutes of solid exercise each day. At Colby’s your pup will be able to play with like-minded canines while being doted on by our loving team.

and save 15% on packages

A nice, clean space

Colby’s Daycare & Spa maintains an industry leading ratio of about one person per 10 pups and has four separate play areas so that your little (or big) one is surrounded by friends of about the same size, energy level and temperament.

Each play area has a personal space for your pup so that our wards can alternate between playing and resting in about ninety-minute stints. This assures that they both get sufficient exercise and social interaction for them to come home satiated, while guarding against them becoming overly stimulated and so tired that they hurt themselves.

We are happy to provide food and treats according to your instruction. Each pup has its own water bowl in its personal space, and we understand that each dog is unique with some preferring metal, ceramic or glass bowls. Additionally, our groomers are eager to provide you with a clean and trimmed pup at the end of the day.

As we return to the office work-world, our little ones need to be protected from the separation anxiety they are likely to experience after knowing nothing but 24-hour parenting; both for their sake and for the sake of your couch cushions.

It is one thing to read about daycare online, or to discuss it with friends. In the end, nothing will tell you more about Colby’s than a tour of our facility. Please call us at (202) 481-4848 or email us at to schedule a tour.

Available in 10 minutes!

Dog ownership brings light to our lives, yet it can also be exhausting. That is why we are constantly looking for ways to make your life easier. If you call us with as little as ten minutes’ notice, we will be waiting for you at the curb. We work with you to know your unique needs. And perhaps most importantly, at the end of the day we return to you a content and exhausted pup.

Standard Pricing

Pricing is $59/day for standard suites, but you can save money when you purchase one of our larger packages.

10 day package

valid for 1 year after purchase date

20 day package

valid for 1 year after purchase date

Colby’s Memberships
starting at $350/month

and save 15% on packages

Colby's Memberships

Priority Daycare & Sleepover reservations. Convenient monthly auto-billing.

Platinum Unlimited – $750 per month

Anytime Daycare
10% discount on Sleepovers
Daily walk
Monthly bath

Pedigree – $450

Daycare Monday, Wednesday & Friday
10% off sleepovers
Daily walk
50% discounted monthly bath

Pal – $350

Daycare Tuesday & Thursday
Establish a group of Pals for your Pup!
10% off sleepovers
50% discounted monthly bath

Luxury Pricing

Pricing is $80 for 24-hours. Luxury suites include raised beds, flowing water, and a private TV. Share a luxury suite with one medium or up to two additional small members of your family for an additional $35 per pup.


valid for 1 year after purchase date

and save 15% on packages

Colby’s Dogcare & Spa

200 K Street NE, Unit 2
Washington, DC 20002
(on the corner of L and 2nd Streets NE)
You’ll find Colby’s Dogcare & Spa in the heart of DC’s NoMa District, near the H Street Corridor.

Phone: 202-481-4848

Hours: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
(with early drop off starting at 6:00 and late pick up until 10:00 pm)

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