A Place to Play & Stay

At Colby's Dogcare & Spa, your pup is always loved!

Dodger, Colby's Pup since June 2022
January 2023 Pup of the Month


Safe and monitored play in a clean and loving enviroment.


A place for your pup to be doted on while you are away.

Spa Services

We want to make sure all pups look their best - always!


Work on the skills that will bring you both happier and smoother interactions.

Schedule a Tour Today!

Reading about daycare online or discussing it with friends is one thing... But nothing will tell you more about Colby’s than a tour of our facility. Please call us at (202) 481-4848 or email us at info@colbysdogcare.com to schedule a tour.

Welcome to Our Family

Looking for a place for your pup to stay while you're away? Whether it's while you're at work, at brunch, at a sports game, or on vacation, we're here to love on your pup 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

We have 4 playrooms available for pups based on size and energy level.

All pups have their own personal space and will spend 90 minutes playing, followed by 90 minutes resting, supervised by their playroom monitor.

There is always a team member at Colby's. Pups are watched from 7 AM to 7 PM, and a night monitor is there to watch after them at night.

Call or email us today to discuss your pup's needs. Or swing by Colby's anytime to speak with the team and take a tour!

Google Review - December 2022

Lisa Wardell

Colby's Dogcare & Spa is absolutely amazinng! Not only does our pup Zambi absolutely love going to Colby's, the professionalism of the staff is unsurpassed. We first took Zambi for an assessment day when he was a 5 months old puppy - it is the first and only daycare and sleepover center we will ever use for him! The packages are affordable, Michael is a joy to work with and so is each and every staff member I have ever interacted with. I highly recommend taking your pup to Colby's!