Our dog lovers walk the walk

We genuinely love walking your little ones every day, because we see how very happy it makes them. Our staff spends quality time with your canine babies, allowing them to get a good sniff in and enjoy the companionship of a caring, loving human. 50 minute walks give the opportunity to burn off more energy. As a result, your pup feels less lonely, less bored, and less likely to gnaw off the legs of your couch.

Our staff wears a body camera from the moment they step into your home until they leave, so that you can see everything your little one sees.

Why walks are so important

First and foremost, dogs need regular bio breaks.  Pups can generally hold their bladders for about one hour for every month of their age, to a maximum of eight hours. Walking your little one increases the chance of them maintaining the right weight, have a healthier heart and a stronger digestive tract.

GPS Tracking

How we keep track of your best friend

The safety of your prized pet is priority #1. That’s why we fit our harnesses with Tractive GPS trackers to give you instant peace-of-mind:

Real Time GPS

Get location updates every 2 to 3 seconds for the ultimate peace of mind.

Location History

See where your pup has ventured during his or her walk.

Peace Of Mind

It combines the latest network technology with unlimited range.

Comfortable & flexible

The Tractive device is light, fits Colby’s harnesses, and stays out of your little one’s way.

Solo Walks

We only walk pups from a single family at a time because that is the safest way to look after your little ones.  Your pups will have our undivided attention the entire time that we are together.


Three great options. Union Place residents receive a 10% discount on all services.

One Dog$25
For Union Place Residents$22.50
two Dogs$35
For Union Place Residents$31.50
three dogs$45
For Union Place Residents$40.50
One Dog$50
For Union Place Residents$45
two Dogs$65
For Union Place Residents$58.50
three dogs$80
For Union Place Residents$72