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Becoming a Colby's Pup

Looking for a place for your pup to stay while you're away? Whether it's while you're at work, at brunch, at a sports game, or on vacation, we're here to love on your pup 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

We have 4 playrooms available for pups based on size and energy level.

All pups have their own personal space and will spend 90 minutes playing, followed by 90 minutes resting, supervised by their playroom monitor.

There is always a team member at Colby's. Pups are watched from 7 AM to 7 PM, and a night monitor is there to watch after them at night.

Assessment Days at Colby's

An Assessment Day should be thought of as a "normal day" of Daycare - but for the first time.

We want to take the time to get to know any pup before they become a family member to make sure they are a good fit for Colby's - and that we are a good fit for them.

You'll drop off your pup and leave them with us for a minimum of 6 hours. We will spend some time with them, introduce them to their classmates, and observe how they interact with the other pups in their class and how other pups interact with them. When you come by to pick up your pup, we will have a frank conversation about whether or not Colby's is the right fit.

Google Review - December 2022

Lisa Wardell

Colby's Dogcare & Spa is absolutely amazinng! Not only does our pup Zambi absolutely love going to Colby's, the professionalism of the staff is unsurpassed. We first took Zambi for an assessment day when he was a 5 months old puppy - it is the first and only daycare and sleepover center we will ever use for him! The packages are affordable, Michael is a joy to work with and so is each and every staff member I have ever interacted with. I highly recommend taking your pup to Colby's!

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