Finn, February '23 Pup of the Month
Colby's Pup since May 2022

Long May The Tail Wag

We think dogs are pretty amazing. They are incredibly loyal, an endless source of comic relief, and a generous giver of nuzzles and cuddles when you need them most. They even helped a lot of us stay sane through endless months of quarantine. Dogs are always there for us, and we built a business around being there for them.

We’re Colby Dogcare & Spa—a safe, clean and loving provider of luxury canine care, delivered by the world’s biggest dog lovers. We offer Daycare, Sleepovers, Grooming and Training, and our staff is focused on promoting healthy and happy dogs, while delivering convenience and peace-of-mind to the humans who love them.

Colby’s is here to make sure no pet is left behind. We’d be honored to care for and spend time with your pups, so they’re less anxious during the day and happier when you return home.

Meet Our Team

Prior to opening Colby’s, Michael spent 2 years studying, training, and traveling to learn the best in state-of-the-art Daycare design.

He spent 25 years as CEO of Illinois’ Elgin Symphony Orchestra, The Florida Orchestra, and as the Executive Director of The Washington Ballet. He was recognized by the Chicago Tribune as a Chicagoan of the Year and by Musical America as one of the top 30 international arts leaders in 2015.

Michael Pastreich

Brandford is from MD and has been part of the family before we opened our doors in May '22. He has more than 10 years of experience working with pups.

He takes care of making sure Colby's is running smoothly with all the administration and HR - we wouldn't be here without him! You'll sometimes spot him in the office.

Brandford has a pup named Princess at home.

Brandford Kincaid
Operations Manager

Anya has been part of our family since almost opening day, bringing 8 years of pup care experience with her to Colby's.

Anya spends most of her time in the Blue Playroom and working with new and existing staff members in all the Playrooms.

When Anya is not at Colby's you can probably find her watching a SciFi or Horror movie... she is a huge fan of Stephen King!

Anya Borders
Assistant Manager & Staff Trainer

Kamoni was born and raised in  D.C. She grow up with her family fostering pups and has always been around them. 

Kamoni has been part of the Colby's family since January '23. You will usually find her at the Front Desk with a big smile or in the Yellow or Brown Playrooms.

She loves big pups and has an American Staffordshire Terrier at home named Dana.

Kamoni Smith
Assistant Manager

Liana is from Virginia and is both a professional dog trainer and a personal trainer. She started has been part of the Colby's family since opening day in May '22.

Liana became a pup trainer after training her cat at home. She now has a kitty and a pup named Puff!

When Liana is not training pups she is working out. She holds regular fitness classes and is a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do!

Liana Burgoyne, CPDT-KA
Head Trainer

Vicky is from New Jersey and is one of the newest members of the family, joining us in March '23 from California.

With more than 10 years of experience as a groomer, she spends Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays making the Colby's pups look fabulous!

Vicky has her own pup at home named Morty who you might see at Colby's from time to time!

Vicky Berges

Kelsey is from Chicago and has almost 10 years of experience as a groomer.

Kesley has been part of the Colby's family, making our pups look their very best, since December '22. You'll find Kelsey in the Spa on Sundays.

She loves rock climbing and oil painting... and you might recognize her from her extras appearances in Easy on Netflix, Empire on Fox, or 4400 on CW.

Kelsey Little

Kegan is from Washington, D.C. He joined us in May '23 from Duncan Dog Hotel. He started his grooming career in 2011 after entering the pet care industry in 2009.

Kegan is a published author, a tabletop game designer, an award-winning role-playing game designer, and a professional bartender.

He has his own pup at home, Dana Skelly, a Mastiff mix.

Kegan Queen

Shae is from Washington, D.C., and has been part of the family for 8 months.

Shae is our Grooming Apprentice and currently takes care of all Bathing, de-shedding, de-matting, nail trims, and all those other fun doggy-Spa treatments.

She has 5 pets at home, 2 cats, 2 ferrets, and a very fluffy bunny!


Shae Mills
Grooming Apprentice

Amaris is from Maryland and has been part of the Colby's family since August '22.

You will usually find her hanging out with the medium pups in the "Yellow Playroom"... sometimes even with her own little helper, her pup, Maxine (also pictured) 💛

Amaris is currently working on her bachelor's degree and will soon be starting grooming school through Colby's!

Amaris Redrick
Grooming Apprentice & Playroom Attendant

Adrienne was born and raised in D.C. She is one of the newest members of the Colby's family, joining us in April '23.

You will usually find her with the medium pups in the Yellow or Brown Playrooms.

She grew up with lots of animals around her, from birds to pups and pythons. She now has 2 Pitbulls and a Frenchie at home.

Adrienne Dicks
Playroom Attendant

Yessica is from Landover, Maryland, and has been part of the family since August '22.

You can usually find Yessica at the Front Desk, in the Orange Playroom, or in the Yellow Playroom... though the Yellow has her heart 💛

Yessica has a pup of her own at home named Chico!


Yessica Flores
Playroom Attendant

Mariana was born in Brazil and raised in Venezuela. She joined the Colby's family in January '23.

You will find her at the front desk on the weekends or in the Orange Room talking to all the pups! When she is not at Colby's, Mariana works for a nonprofit.

She grew up with 3 Bulldogs and a Newfoundland, and is now an aunt to a Golden and a proud momma of a miniature Dachshund!

Mariana Franco
Playroom Attendant




New Team Member Alert!!




Rodney Graham
Playroom Attendant






Amari Harris
Night Monitor






Amos Mithika
Night Monitor

Marquis is from Washington, D.C. He has been part of our family since July 2022.

You can usually find him in the Blue Playroom with the large pups, where his best friend George (pictured here) likes to demand attention from him 🤪

He also spends time at the front desk and in the Brown Playroom.

Marquis has 3 pups at home, Nala, and her 2 babies Nuke and Lady. 

Marquis Monroe
Playroom Attendant

Maurice is from Washington, D.C. He has been part of our family since March '23.

Maurice has had pups his whole life and recently experience his pup having a litter of puppies!

You'll usually find him in the Yellow or Brown Playrooms playing around with all his pup pals! He says the Brown Playroom is his #1 and that he doesn't have a favorite, but I think his picture gives some things away...

Maurice Monroe
Playroom Attendant

Alyx is from Camp Springs, Maryland. He has been part of the family since February '23, bringing 10 years of pup care experience to Colby's!

You can usually find Alyx in the Blue Playroom with the large pups,  but he loves spending time with all the Colby's pups. 

He has two pups Nova and Orion, and two cats of his own at home.


Alyx Smith
Playroom Attendant






Leo Warner
Night Monitor






Dennis Washington
Playroom Attendant

Tamara is from Washington, DC, and has been part of the family since January '23, having worked at another doggy daycare for 8 years.

You can usually find Tamara in the Yellow or Brown Playrooms with the medium-sized pups.

Tamara has a Jack Russel at home named Neptune - you can sometimes find him hanging out (and helping) in the Yellow Playroom.

Tamara Woodland
Playroom Attendant

Ellie is from North London and moved to DC in 2017. She has been helping at Colby's since opening day in May '22.

You won't see Ellie at Colby's every day, but you will see her for events and on social media - be sure to send her a message and say hi!

Ellie has two pups of her own, an English Bulldog named Hardy and a German Shepherd named Goose. Her mantra is Dogs > People.

Ellie Shewring
Marketing Director

Google Review - March 2023

Paul LeBlanc

Colby's is the only daycare my Moose runs toward and not away from. Michael and the entire staff are always as nice as can be, and the facility is large, clean, and exceptionally well run. It is such a good feeling when I can't take care of Moose myself to know that he is in such good hands. I recommend Colby's to anyone in DC.

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