Long may they wag

We think dogs are pretty amazing. They are incredibly loyal, an endless source of comic relief, and a generous giver of nuzzles and cuddles when you need them most. They even helped a lot of us stay sane through endless months of quarantine. Dogs are always there for us, and we built a business around being there for them.

We’re Colby Dogcare & Spa—a safe, clean and loving provider of luxury canine care, delivered by the world’s biggest dog lovers. We offer Daycare, Sleepovers, Grooming and Training, and our staff is focused on promoting healthy and happy dogs, while delivering convenience and peace-of-mind to the humans who love them.

As the world opens back up and humans return to their normal work and travel routines, our pups suddenly face the prospect of spending long stretches alone. For our little ones who were adopted during the pandemic, it might even be the first time in their lives they have to face the day without a human by their side. Colby’s is here to make sure no pet is left behind. We’d be honored to care for and spend time with your pups, so they’re less anxious during the day and happier when you return home.

Right where you need us

You’ll find Colby’s Dogcare & Spa in the heart of DC, near the intersection of the NoMA; close to the Northeast districts and the H Street Corridor. This location makes perfect sense when you consider the plethora of dogs that came of age during the coronavirus and the lack of dogcare options in the neighborhood.

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About our Founder,
Michael Pastreich

Animals have always been central to Michael’s life and his love of them inspired him to create Colby’s Dogcare & Spa.

His affectionate boxer, Colby, along with his wife and five children are the loves of his life. He and his family were immediately drawn to Colby because of his loving nature and eagerness to please. Their daily trips to the park together, filled with rounds of frisbee fetching, are the greatest joys of their day.

Prior to opening Colby’s, Michael spent two years studying training and traveling to learn the best in state of the art daycare design. In a younger life, Michael cared for wild animals at San Francisco’s Randall Museum before working for the National Forest Service. In addition to his work with animals, Michael spent a quarter century helping to define culture as CEO of Illinois’ Elgin Symphony Orchestra and The Florida Orchestra, and as the Executive Director of The Washington Ballet.

Colby’s Dogcare & Spa

200 K Street NE, Unit 2
Washington, DC 20002
(on the corner of L and 2nd Streets NE)
You’ll find Colby’s Dogcare & Spa in the heart of DC’s NoMa District, near the H Street Corridor.

Phone: 202-481-4848
Email: Info@ColbysDogcare.com

Hours: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
(with early drop off starting at 6:00 and late pick up until 10:00 pm)

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